OS2 Method For Marketing Automation Selection

With a variety of different solutions available how do you know which solution is right for your organization? Marketing Automation evaluations typically involve diverse stakeholder teams and a wide number of potential solutions.  

You need an objective evaluation approach.  The Objective Solution Selection process (OS2) can align your team around a clear choice.

This E-Book helps you:

  • Apply a marketing automation solution selection process
  • Map criteria you should consider
  • Right-size your selection process
  • Manage diverse choices
  • Facilitate stakeholders in the decision.

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About Revenue Architects

Revenue Architects delivers consulting and agency services specializing in inbound marketing, account-based marketing and account-based sales. We work with businesses who sell differentiated products and services to discerning buyers. Industries include business-to-business (B2B), financial services, health, food distribution.  We serve as a ‘revenue architect’, delivering a comprehensive range of revenue growth consulting and agency services. Our core team and expert network bring expertise across: account-based marketing, inbound marketing, revenue strategy, go-to-market strategy, funnel design, sales force effectiveness, sales and marketing process, branding and visual design, web design and development, CRM, data management, marketing automation, PR, PPC and SEO.

  • Revenue Strategy: Align your go-to-market model with your business model and identify differentiated revenue growth strategies.
  • Revenue Systems: Enable sales and marketing with brand channels, sales systems, processes, technology and organization.
  • Revenue Programs: Design and launch closed-loop, inbound, outbound and account-based marketing programs.
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