Food and Nutrition Marketing Practice

We specialize in working with clients in the food/beverage/CPG and retail industry.  We cover strategic topics including price, promotion, assortment, and branding .


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Revenue Architects is a consulting agency with a focus on sales and marketing effectiveness, enablement and customer acquisition. We apply a holistic approach across the traditional silos of marketing, sales and PR to design a revenue architecture with the mix of strategies, systems and programs that capture customer value.  

The web and new technologies have fundamentally changed the buy-sell process and self-directed buyers access content and resources on the web and engage social and peer networks to “self sell’. Marketing and sales alignment and collaboration is vital to orchestrate this buying process. 

We design revenue architectures that are tailored to the unique aspects of our client’s product-service-market model.  We identify the mix of strategies that align to the revenue model, including inbound marketing, outbound sales and account-based marketing. The right mix of strategies and programs and underlying systems form a revenue architecture to capture customer value and achieve more predictable and sustainable revenue growth.

  • Revenue strategies align the revenue architecture with the business architecture
  • Revenue systems enable the marketing and sales processes with the right organization, brand assets, channels and technology
  • Revenue programs engage buyers with high-value, persuasive and relevant content and experiences.